01:03, 29/03/2019

Tân Phú Đông was established on 21-1-2008 from the combination of communes on Lợi Quan isles, belonging to Gò Công Đông and Gò Công Tây, with the total area of 202 km and population of 43,000 people. It is the poorest district in Tiền Giang province and locates separately with the other districts and mainland by 3 branches of Tiền River. 

With the spirit “Whole leaves protect torn ones” and the hope to share love with poor children at Tân Phú Đông commune, Tiền Giang province - a new established district and also one of the poorest districts in the country, on 13/02/2015, Board of Directors of Tân Hoàng Gia visited and gave presents for 100 poor children at Phú Thạnh commune including 10 kg of rice, a box of noodles and VND 100,000 per child.

Spoken at the ceremony, Mr. Hoàng Tường Vi- General Director said “Board of Directors and all staffs of Tân Hoàng Gia always want to share practical contributions to all poor people over the country and hope that we can partly share difficulties with all of you through such small gifts and we will certainly donate much more for the sake of bringing laughters for all poor households nationwide. 

Mr. Hoàng Tường Vi - General Director at the ceremony

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