02:03, 28/03/2019

Nearly 130 blood units were be donated during the  Donation Day at Tan Hoang Gia Co. Ltd.

“Humanitarian blood donation" is one of the noble deeds of human beings to human beings and the tradition of mutual affection of the Vietnamese people. With awareness this noble deeply, on the Thursday morning  27 Jul 2017, nearly 120 volunteers are officers, employees, workers were present at Tan Hoang Gia’s factory participated in the Third Blood Donation Day, 2017 - Organized by the Tan Hoang Gia’s Labor Union in cooperation with the Red Cross Hoc Mon District and the Humanitarian Blood Donation Centre of Ho Chi Minh City.

With the spirit of "One drop of blood to go, stay a lifetime" the officials, public employees have enthusiastically participated in this highly humane community-oriented program. In the laughing voices of blood donors volunteering their joy and pride in donating blood to save the lives of those suffering from serious diseases. Having 102 donator with nearly 130 blood units were be donated during this program.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Quynh Phuong – Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Youth Union’s company, said: “This is the 3rd time I participated as member of organization for this activity, I always feel happy to be involved. However, I’m strong happy in this time, because we have over fulfill of participate in Blood donation with many donator who donated 350ml, increasing 40% over the last year”.

The humanitarian blood donation has become a social activity and held regularly at Tan Hoang Gia Co., Ltd., a participate smiling, said: "I feel very pleased and happy that I contributed a small effort to help society”. Her spirit is also the general spirit of the staff, officer  and workers of Tan Hoang Gia Co., Ltd. in this blood donation.

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