• Business Guideline: “Prestige – Quality – Effect".
  • Determination: holding fast prestigious brand name “TAN HOANG GIA”, which has developed and existed since 1994;
  • Day by day, TAN HOANG GIA’s Board of Directors and staffs: satisfy the Quality Control System requirements in accordance with the ISO 9000 and other technical standards to consecutively improve customers’ satisfactions through providing best-quality products of TAN HOANG GIA company;
  • We are always concerned with training all staffs to improve their skills and awareness of service as well as with investing satisfactorily in order to enhance production capacity, improve technology for the sake of increasing competitiveness.


  • TAN HOANG GIA company was certified Quality Control System of ISO 9002:1994 by SGS of United Kingdom and is establishing a new Quality Control System of ISO 9001:2008;
  • Besides, the company implements the policy of BSCI standards and SA in accordance with customers’ requirements.


  • Being an organization having a strong sense of environmental protections, we are always aware of the environmental impact arising from our activities. With the guidelines towards sustainable developments, the Board of Directors and all staffs of Tân Hoàng Gia are committed to the following issues:
  • Complying with applicable legal requirements;
  • Saving energy and natural resources, reducing output waste at source, recycling and treating waste in accordance with legal requirements;
  • Periodically reviewing specific environmental objectives and bringing forward practical actions to consecutively improve the Environmental Management System;
  • Enhancing awareness of all employees through the training and participation of environmental activities.
  • Sharing experience with other organizations in community, enhancing the interest in the environment of all customers, partners and contractors.


Beside operations guaranteeing for the pure environment, safety and health are the first responsibility of the Board of Management and also an important part in the management of productions and sales. Tân Hoàng Gia has applied all appropriate measures to exclude or minimize risks causing injuries or bad effects to human’s health as well as damaging property or surrounding environment.

In order to achieve the above targets, Tân Hoàng Gia commits to set up and maintain a management system for the Safety, Health and Environment (S-H-E) in order to ensure:

  • Complying with the laws and meeting requirements of relevant parties; Ensuring that our activities and products meet the approved industrial standards.
  • Providing necessary resources, procedures and regulations to set up and maintain the minimum risks about S-H-E; Controlling dangerous factors causing accidents at work, occupational diseases, property and production damage and effects to the environment.
  • Training all staffs the knowledge about S-H-E suitable with their current positions; Ensuring that plans for urgent rescues are established and maintained effectively and efficiently in case of urgent situations.
  • Creating the most advantageous conditions to exchange with all staffs, customers, suppliers and relevant people in improving S-H-E; Complimenting timely teams or individuals performing S-H-E well, and also punishing strictly those who break procedures and regulations.
  • Inspecting, considering, evaluating the S-H-E management and performances in order to improve incessantly.

Every member in Tân Hoàng Gia, together with Board of Management, has the responsibility to build and maintain the culture of safety, civilization and effect to implement this policy successfully.

The Board of Directors of Tân Hoàng Gia also hopes that partners’ management systems for S-H-E will be suitable with the above safety and health policy in order to perform S-H-E well for mutual benefits and for the whole community.

We commit that we will try our best to perform and maintain the S-H-E successfully.